Frequently Asked Questions

This month’s subject: Cleaning and Maintenance

1. Why is it important to keep my gutters free of debris?

If the gutter is full of debris it will weigh down the gutters and possibly pull screws and hanger devices from your structure. Debris sitting in gutters deteriorate sealer and joints causing leaks, downspout holes become clogged it can cause your gutter to fill up with water over flow and in severe cases cause the gutter to loosen or fall of the home.

2. How often should you have your system cleaned and inspected?

It is important to have your system cleaned and inspected at least once a year after all the leaves have fallen off the trees.

3. What is the average cost to have your gutters cleaned?

The cost varies depending on how long it has been since your gutters have been cleaned and how many linear feet of gutter you have. The average one story home costs around $250.00. (Current as of June 2019 – check with your estimator at time of quote for more details.)