CR Gutters, Inc

Choices To Make With Gutter Installation

As a specialized gutter company offering services to both residential and commercial customers in the Olympia, WA, and surrounding areas, we have a solid reputation in working closely with our customers throughout the project.

Our team focuses on providing information to our customers, answering questions and offering only the best quality of materials and services. We have done this for over thirty years, and we have the experience and expertise to work on any type of home or commercial building for new gutter installation or for replacement gutters on older buildings and homes.

When you schedule the professionals at CR Gutters, Inc., for gutter installation for your Olympia, WA, home, there are several decisions you need to make. Knowing in advance about these choices can help you consider the options or to get additional information from our team before making a final choice.

Gutter Type

CR Gutters, Inc., offers two gutter types for residential homes. The standard gutter is a good option that comes in long sections that are joined together to create a leak-free, professionally installed traditional gutter system.

The other option is continuous or seamless gutter. This type of gutter installation uses sections of gutters custom cut for your home, providing a seamless gutter that will not have the same risk of leaking at areas where sections join.


Both types of gutters come with a baked-on enamel paint that is durable and lasts a lifetime. It will not rust, and it cannot be scratched by tree limbs or other types of typical contact.

Colors range from different options in white through to cream, ivory, tans and browns, grays, blues, browns, red and black. We can create just the look you want with colors that blend into the home colors and design.

There is also the choice of gutter-style or shape. We can explain the different options and help you to see which is the best look on your home. For more information or to schedule an installation, call us today at 253-447-1419.