CR Gutters, Inc

Here at CR Gutters, Inc., we understand the importance of transparency to our customers. Therefore, we have made this Disclaimer mandatory for all customers. This allows all customers to be aware of the issues that may arise that CR Gutters, Inc. does not cover.

-Payment terms

Full payment due upon completion. CR Gutters, Inc. requires a credit card prior to scheduling (3% credit card processing fee will apply should you chose to use credit card as your payment method). If you would like to pay with cash, check, or Zelle and we do not receive payment within 7 days, CR Gutters, Inc. will process the card on file. If payment is not received within 15 days, we will try to reach you via email or voicemail. If we are still unsuccessful, we will begin LIEN proceedings against the property and send the bill to collections.


Evidence of rotten fascia boards, rafter tails, barge boards, or soffit may not always be noticeable until gutters are removed. If rot is discovered, CR Gutters, Inc. will cease work and only return after repairs are complete. CR Gutters, Inc. is not responsible for any repairs on existing rot.

– Installation

CR Gutters, Inc. does its best to make sure all customers are happy with the gutters they receive. There are a few things we cannot help. When installing new gutters, they may not look exactly like the old ones. Visual grade may look different due to sagging or settling of the home in areas. You may be able to see daylight behind the gutters. We install gutters to properly flow roof water. Downspout locations will be in the same location unless otherwise specified, screw holes and paint lines from the old gutters and downspouts are not the responsibility of CR Gutters, Inc. We do not use the same holes for installation, this is not the proper way to fasten new gutters. You may see old paint lines; we will try to cover these but again this is the responsibility of the owner.

-Shur flo Gutter Covers

This is an amazing product, but we always tell all customers nothing is maintenance free in Washington state. We recommend blowing the covers off twice per year along with your roof.

-Tile Roofs

CR Gutters, Inc. is not responsible for any broken tiles during gutter installation. In the perfect scenario, gutters should be installed before tile roofs.  If the roof is not being replaced, installers will take caution to avoid breaking any tiles and will notify the customer should any breakage occur.  Tiles can become brittle over time, and although we take all precautions, there are cases where the tiles must be accessed for the gutter installation which could result in damage. 

-Metal Roofs

CR Gutters, Inc. is not responsible for any damage or scratches to metal roofs. We try not to walk on metal roofs if possible but in some cases, it is necessary. Flashing on metal roofs must be held out 1/8” or gutters need to be installed prior.

-Color selection

All color selections must be made by the customer.

-Warranty 20 year material / 8-year labor

We provide all customers with warranty packets after the job is complete that goes over the details. One important factor to note is “mother nature” is not covered. One of our biggest call backs is for snow load. It is not very often that the Northwest gets big snow but when it does it can slide down the roof when it warms up and take the gutters with it! This typically only occurs with steep metal roofs.

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