Customer comments leads to prompt resolution

At CR Gutters, Inc., we pride ourselves on standing by our workmanship and materials used.

Our workmanship, professionalism and pride is the foundation of what makes our company so great.  Doing this for 30-years, you can imagine we have laid hundreds of thousands of feet of gutters for all kinds of different structures.

With that 30-years, comes the loyal customer base we have had the pleasure to work with; both residential and commercial.  You can imagine, we receive hundreds of reviews each month, which the owners read.  Whether it is Facebook, Google, Yelp, email or good ole fashioned—dropping a postcard or letter in the mail box—we review each and every review and comment.

Sometimes, we can make a mistake; who hasn’t?  Most of the time, we only know when we get a call and act immediately remedying the issue—as we stand by our products and workmanship.

Below is a screen capture of a letter sent to us by John Fowler.  We will let you read the rest.