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Golden Bond Rescue of Oregon is asking for donations

As you you may know, the owners and staff at CR Gutters, Inc. love their dogs!

Sure, they are fond of pets from all walks of life, but more attention than ever is given on daily basis to their four-legged friends
and man’s best friend—-the Dog. On average, you can find no less than 4-5 dogs, ready and willing to be petted and loved
at CR Gutters main offices in Sumner, WA.

For every donation made directly to CR Gutters, Inc. on behalf of Golden Bond Rescue of Oregon
Cindy and her son Nick will match your donation up to $25 per person.

Customers may add a line-item to their final bill to donate directly to this cause.  This line-item is non-taxable.

What compelled Cindy and Nick to this organization is their plea for help to stop the “MEAT TRADE” in China regarding golden retrievers and other domesticated dogs — hunted down and taken from homes throughout China.

Your direct donation to CR Gutters, Inc. will help this rescue retrieve dogs from China’s meat trade.


A message taken directly from Golden Bond Rescue of Oregon’s website:



All the information we have so far is that No Dogs Left Behind’s (NDLB) activists were in pursuit of a meat truck outside the Beijing area. NDLB’s President, Jeffrey Beri, contacted GBR to ask if we could assist them by either taking the many goldens seen on the truck or at least spearheading a task force to transport the goldens to the United States. Knowing that our donors and supporters would be behind our efforts, we told Jeffrey to rescue 100% of the goldens on the truck.

It takes time to gather information and pictures from Beijing about the rescue. We hope in the next few days pictures, videos and numbers will be available to us. In preparation to bring these rescued goldens to America, we are asking our supporters to either make a donation in the name of the October Goldens or to purchase a calendar. 100% of the proceeds will be dedicated to helping to pay for these dogs medical needs in preparation to come to their new homes in America.

Golden Bond Rescue of Oregon, Inc. is a volunteer run, non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of Golden Retrievers. Their mission is to find caring, adoptive homes for Goldens in need and to educate the public to prevent the homeless Goldens of the future. Goldens in need of new homes come from a variety of circumstances. Some come to us due to compelling family situations such as death, divorce, family illness, relocation or economic hardship. Other Goldens are released to rescue because of behavior problems due to lack of exercise and poor understanding of the needs of the breed. Since their beginnings in 1991, they have successfully placed over 2,900 Goldens with new loving families.

Read some of their success stories at their website:



Cindy Rimbey and her son Nick, owners of CR Gutters, Inc. are passionate about many things.

Their organization Just Because We Can, is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit entity who has donated thousands of dollars to organizations from christmas funds, clothing drives, homelessness, and food for pets to name a few. In recent weeks, Cindy and her partner Robb Johnson, along her son Nick had an opportunity to get involved with an organization out of Portland, Oregon called Golden Bond Rescue of Oregon, Inc, a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation – Federal ID No. 93-1112566. Their motto is “for the love of goldens!”

To learn more about this organization and the latest news from Cindy as she works towards rescuing these dogs, follow her on Facebook.

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Your donation to help CR Gutters and their staff rescue as many dogs as possible from China’s meat trade is greatly appreciated.

All donations are tax deductible.