CR Gutters, Inc

What To Expect When Calling Our Kent, WA, Gutter Company

With the new materials in gutters today, and the new designs and options, most homeowners in Kent, WA, only have to install gutters on a new home construction once in their lifetime. The same is true with upgraded or renovated homes, our new options in both standard and continuous gutters means once your contact our gutter company and we complete the replacement, you should never have to worry about your gutters again.

Most of the customers that give us a call at CR Gutters, Inc., have never had their gutters replaced. They may not be sure if they even need gutter replacement, as they may have been told they just need to consider repairs.

When you call our gutter company, we walk you through a series of questions that just takes a few minutes. We then schedule a gutter assessment, which is the only way any gutter company can provide specific information on your home or commercial property.

Scheduling an Appointment

We schedule an appointment at your convenience. We then show up at your Kent, WA, home or business and do a complete inspection of the current gutters. If you have any concerns, we can answer specific questions as to the overall condition of the gutters.

We also provide information on any issues you may not have realized were potential or pending problems. Our technician can often see areas of damage or corrosion, missing hangers or areas where water damage has led to wood rot and lack of stability for the gutter system.

With the information from the assessment, we can provide a quote for replacement of the gutters or repairs based on our findings. In many cases, the cost of full gutter replacement is a better investment for the homeowner than repairing an issue with other pending problems that may soon add to the repair costs.

To talk to us about scheduling an assessment, contact CR Gutters, Inc., at 253-465-7497.