CR Gutters, Inc

…with a heavy heart… I am passing the reigns!

Nick and Dozer (such love)

Our little corner of the world has grown over 30 years time into one of Western Washington’s most successful residential and commercial gutter companies. Of that time, the business has grown to more than 25 employees, where I have shared the ownership with my son Nick Rimbey, Vice President for the past 10 years.

In recent months, Nick has taken full responsibility of the inner workings of CR Gutters, Inc. During this time, I have been traveling more and settling roots in Arizona. Stepping aside has been one of the hardest decisions of my life.  Being involved in a business for more than 30 years– creating lasting relationships and developing a large market share in a competitive industry has been a rewarding fulfillment with many memories.

Nick will have the opportunity to grow the business with his vision in mind. This does not mean I am gone for good—I still work part-time and have taken the role of assisting where I am needed. I have customers as far back as 30 years who are like family, so do not be alarmed …anytime one of my customers wants me they will be connected to me.

It is bittersweet to think that the daily activities of the business will be a distant memory for me.  Remembering customers over the years who call back —saying you did my house 10 years ago, I was wondering if Scott still works for you and if he could come by and provide an estimate on a new property they own is pure gold.

It means we are doing something right.

Vega and Banchee napping

A family owned business invests in relationships with not only it’s customers but also it’s employees. Working on everything from small garages to 11-story buildings —providing new installs and services takes a considerable staff that has seen babies born, marriages and new milestones contributing to growth and prosperity.

Nick and I are not the only ones who should get all the credit for the referrals and compliments— it is our guys in the field— install gutters are assigned to different areas depending on their expertise and knowledge. Most of our installers have been with our company for 3-25+ years. The best of the best.  Our experience and knowledge far surpasses many of our competitors.

Our girls in the office Amanda, Sabrina, Kimberly, and Lisa receive countless calls during the week for free estimates in and around the Puget Sound area—it sometimes feels like we have a small village of people all moving different pieces to keep the train moving—and I am going to miss the wonderful chats with our staff and silliness that comes with having jokers as employees.

Without my crew and our great staff, CR Gutters would not be as successful as we are today. My son and I are just two spokes on a wheel that makes CR Gutters, Inc. what it is today.  It is our staff that helps us grow and maintain our approval rating—and I am very proud of everyone for what they offer and accomplish as a team at CR Gutters, Inc.

We are busy at work while our fur babies take a nap

Therefore, it is with a heavy heart but proud moment to announce that we have two new estimators to help with the many calls and referrals we receive daily for quotes on gutter installs:

Tabitha works closely with Nick as his project manager; bidding, managing plans and commercial projects.  Mike and Joe work in the field…bidding on the residential side of CR Gutters, Inc.

Mike has over 25 years’ experience in installing.  He was getting older and we did not want to lose all that knowledge. Mike gave us many years of impeccable installs so instead of putting him out to pasture (**smirk**)…we offered him a job as an estimator working with homeowners.

We are also a dog friendly business and allow our workers in the office to bring in the fur babies so if you come to visit expect barks and licks…….lots and lots of licks.

Cindy Rimbey, CR Gutters, Inc.