You may not think much about the gutters on your home until they become problematic. This happens to many people. But, the gutters service an important function on the property – to move water away from the home’s structure. There are a few key signs indicating it is time for new gutters in Bremerton, WA you should not ignore.

#1: The Gutters Are Missing

It may sound obvious, but many times people do not realize this is occurring. Walk around the outside of your home. If you are missing any component of gutters, or a piece has fallen out of place, you need repairs or new gutters in Bremerton WA.

#2: The Foundation Is Pulling Away from the Walls

Take a look at the foundation walls around your home. You should see dirt pushed up against it, creating a nice, dense pile. But, if there is a gap here, it means water is running down the walls and pushing the dirt away from the home. As it does this, it is causing water to damage the foundation. Over time, this can lead to damage and even water leaks in your home.

#3: The Water Does Not Flow

Sometimes, the biggest rainstorm can show you exactly what the problem is with your gutters. The water – even when the rain is intense – should flow down the gutters and into the pipes until it flows away from the home. Watch it for a moment. Is it moving over the top of the gutters? Perhaps it is not flowing out the drains properly. These are all signs you may need a few repairs for your gutters or replacements on them.

Is it time to get gutters in Bremerton, WA? If so, call CR Gutters, your local team of professionals. Ask for a free estimate.