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Continuous Commercial 7 inch box BG7 rain gutter system

Continuous Commercial 7 inch box BG7 rain gutter system

Continuous Commercial 7 inch box BG7 rain gutter system is offered by Cr Gutters, Inc. as an alternative plus innovative Continuous Commercial 7 inch box BG7 rain gutter system.

Most commercial building owners have been using ten foot sections for their rain system for many years, until recently there were no continuous gutter systems available in Commercial sizes. Commercial Buildings with large roof areas need a much larger gutter system; Using BG7 rain gutter system offers a the perfect solution.

Commercial gutter systems that are hand broke in ten foot sections have a seam every ten feet where the gutters overlaps, this is a leak point in the future leaving the debris and dirt sitting in the gutter rotting the sealer. We have seen sealer fail even with quality products used. Generally the gutter material used has a 20 year manufactures warranty, however without proper maintenance and regular cleaning the sealer will usually fail within 10 years. This postures a problem seeing that the rain gutter out lasts the sealer.

Choosing to re-seal old gutters is a difficult task, take it from a rain gutter expert. The gutter is old and dirty; the best solution involves using a torch to remove the old sealer, clean the areas, then re seal the seam. This technique is used by CR Gutters Inc. for 30 years at yet we still advise our gutter customers to replace rather than re seal.

Re-seal is about 65% it will adhere and last more than a year costing the customer $100.00 per seam

When the gutter is new and being installed the sealer is placed between the over lapping joints then a bead of caulk is placed over the seam. Re sealing old gutter the seams can only be done on the top lap, never reaching the sealer in between the seam.

Continuous Commercial 7 inch box BG7 rain gutter system is a less expensive and a better quality gutter system.

This system for commercial gutters also eliminates the time and labor of making the ten foot sections in a sheet metal shop then transporting and installing in the field. This gutter system can be purchased in rolls and made in the field less expensively. Box Gutters eliminates all of those seams in the gutter system installing in 50 foot continuous lengths. Architects have recently started specifying box gutter systems for most of the new projects on the market.

Continuous Commercial 7 inch box BG7 rain gutter system, otherwise known as 7” Commercial box gutter is a beautiful way to dress up your business appropriately and efficiently. This means a satisfactory yet sturdy gutter, for many years to come. CR Gutters, Inc. can protect your business with Continuous Commercial 7 inch box BG7 rain gutter system Give us a call for a free estimate. You might be surprised at how easy it is.

7″ Commercial Box Gutter is best applicable for:


Key Features are:

  • Tailor made design and colors to suit personal preferences
  • Can withstand large amounts of roof water flow
  • Seamless*
  • Gutter can accommodate large downspouts for maximum drainage
  • Enhances the aesthetically look of a building


STEEL –  26GA– 22GA
ALUMINUM – .032-.050
COPPER -20 OZ– 24 OZ