CR Gutters, Inc

Selecting the right size and style of gutter for your home

There are many styles of gutter to choose from. The most common are 5” K-line continuous gutter, 6” K-line continuous gutter, and Wide Bottom Fascia continuous gutter. CR Gutters also has 5” box continuous gutter, 6” box continuous gutter and 7” box continuous gutter. When receiving a free estimate for continuous gutter the first thing to look at is what will ascetically match your style of home.

The 5” K-line or 6” K-line continuous gutter has a more traditional look for most styles of homes and is by far the most widely used. Only over the last few years have the newer more contemporary styles of gutter have started coming out. The Fascia continuous gutter and the box style gutters are a more box style with less curves to the face of the gutter for a more contemporary home. If you have a metal roof or tile roof it is important to choose a gutter with a larger mouth to it to prevent over shooting due to the volume and speed of water coming off the roof. These gutters include 6” K-line gutters, Wide Bottom Fascia gutters, and 6” box gutters. In most cases the 5” K-line gutters will handle almost any roof. The best thing to do when calling for a free estimate is to ask the office to have our estimator bid for all styles.