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All gutters are either sectional or seamless

All gutters are either sectional or seamless (or continuous). Which is best?

Sectional gutters are sold in pieces and installed as component systems. All do-it-yourself gutter systems are sectional. The sections themselves can be over 20 ft. long each or cut to any size with a hacksaw. Snap-in-place connectors join gutter sections to each other and to downspouts. All sectional systems have end caps, corner pieces and drop outlets for connecting to downspouts. The drawback to sectional systems is that all those seams can eventually invite leaks, prone to separation and cracking from cold weather.

Seamless gutters will not leak at seams because there are none; sections join only at inside and outside corners and at downspout outlets. That is why they are the most popular configuration. Seamless gutters, made of aluminum, galvanized steel or copper, are extruded to custom lengths on site using a portable machine.

Estimation to Installation

Typically seamless gutters are installed by a professional installer like CR Gutters, Inc. We send out an estimator to determine the number of feet that you will require and any special issues such as pitch of roof, smaller sections etc. We will also discuss the materials types, styles and thickness. We will also cover color and help match the right one to your house color or choose a color that accents your home. After the estimate is accepted, a installation crew will come out and install the gutters typically in less than half a day.