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There are three types of corners most companies use

When you call for a free estimate ask the sales person what kind of corners they use when installing your new gutters.

There are three types of corner that most companies use to install gutters on your home.

  1. Box miter is a pre manufactured miter that companies use when installing new gutters on your home. They are less expensive and do not require a skilled installer to do the work. The gutter is slipped into each side of the corner over lapped and sealed with caulking. Now your gutters are not seamless or continuous gutters and will create two spots where your gutter will leek over time. The corner has a tendency to sag as your gutters get older due to contraction and expansion of your gutters.
  2. A strip miter is a small strip installed over each corner where the gutter is cut at an angle and the miter covered with this strip to hide it. These also don’t require a skilled worker to install them. This strip will have to be painted to match the color of your gutters and will fade over time.
  3. Hand crafted corners in the field. This method requires a skill sheet metal mechanic to make in the field. This is the only kind of corner CR Gutters uses. The corner is stronger and more durable. The gutters now have a more finished seamless and continuous look to your gutters.