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Washington Company knows their Business is in the Gutter


CR Gutters, Inc. pushes new products and services to Tacoma, Washington and other areas located in Pierce and King County

Previously posted on PRLogAug. 6, 2013TACOMA, Wash.CR Gutters, Inc. Today announced an aggressive strategy to push new products and services to Tacoma, Seattle, Olympia, Kent and Bellevue Washington located in both Pierce and King County. (Home Page)

Washington Company knows their Business is in the Gutter

“We have been in business for nearly 30 years and have impressive employment sustainability.  People I speak with think that all companies that sell, install or repair gutters are the same, but like other product or service categories nothing could be further from the truth,” said Cindy Rimbey, owner of CR Gutters.

Rimbey went on to explain that the longer your employees stay, the better they get at their job in areas of skill and efficiency.  Choice of products, from style and colors to reliability (warranty) are very important to customers with either an older home that needs a new roof, to a new home.  CR Gutters notes the difference between residential and commercial construction and points out that disparity as something that can really come back and haunt a customer.

CR Gutters decided to provide 26 different gutter colors so that rather than stand out they would blend in with the color of the house.  Enter the seamless gutter or Continuous Rain Gutter−gutters tend to leak first where the seams are and the company has seen over the years the seamless gutter lasting longer, requiring less maintenance and more importantly not leaking at the seam.

Continuous Gutters

CR Gutters Inc. offers continuous rain gutters which are nationally recognized as the most popular form of gutters. 75% of gutters sold in the Washington state are continuous rain gutters.  Anybody who lives in Washington State can attest to the rain factor.

Architectural Sheet Metal Division

CR Gutters Architectural Sheet Metal Division brings over 20 years of experience, knowledge and skill in the sheet metal industry. They offer a wide variety of architectural panel systems in virtually any type of configuration. Custom homes and commercial work is our main focus such as mixed-use buildings, schools, warehouses and strip malls however; we they work on many high-end homes in the area.  They specialize in metal siding, roofing and copings along with custom radius flashings and components.  That makes them fairly unique to other gutter companies.

Different gutter features include baked on enamel finish, hidden hangers, a 5-year labor warranty and lifetime warranty on gutter materials.  Different styles of leaf screens are also available.  Learn more about the different colors & styles, click here.

The company views King, Pierce and Thurston counties represent new market segments.  The company has provided service into these areas in the past but is now launching a new campaign to get the message of high quality and affordable gutter services out.  CR Gutters is experienced and equipped to work with Copper, Steel or Aluminum materials.

CR Gutters, Inc. Contact:
Cindy Rimbey
Local: (253) 447-1419
Kent: (253) 852-4427
Toll Free: (888) 447-1396


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