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Gutter Services in Gig Harbor WA Offer Maintenance Solutions

Gutter Services in Gig Harbor WA Offer Maintenance Solutions

When spring arrives, it is time to check out the house and take a look at the roof. In fact, you could have clogged guttering, and if you do not do something about it soon, water could run down the sides of your home exterior and make its way into your foundation or basement. However, this problem is easily solved by professional gutter services in Gig Harbor WA from CR Gutters Inc. Here are some good reasons to contact us today about our Shur Flo filtration systems from U.S. Aluminum.

What is Shur Flo?

Shur Flo is a gutter protection system which fits tightly on top of gutters. It is perforated with a special perf-flow filtration design. This system traps debris as it makes its way into your gutters. It allows for excellent ventilation which dries the debris quickly so it can easily be removed by the wind.

The Importance of Appearance

Old fashion gutter screens fit on top of your gutters and can look unsightly. Shur Flo protection systems from your gutter service in Gig Harbor WA are installed with a low profile, and they are offset. In fact, you usually cannot see them from ground level.

No Shingle Lifting

With some gutter protection systems, shingles are lifted up so it can be installed underneath. This is not a good idea because standard asphalt shingles are designed to seal down and once raised they may not be as effective. In fact, this kind of installation may cause shingles to crack or leak. We install your Shur Flo system without disturbing the shingles.

Protection for 25 Years

Your new Shur Flo system is guaranteed for a long time. Imagine not worrying about cleaning your guttering system for 25 years. Call your local guttering services in Gig Harbor WA today at 1(888) 932-8361 for more details.