CR Gutters, Inc

CR Gutters, Inc. expands continuous gutter installation service to the areas of Gig Harbor, Key Peninsula, Port Orchard, Bremerton and, Poulsbo.

After years of requests by clients, we felt it was time to provide quicker estimates and more complete services to the growing communities throughout Kitsap County.

We have been doing business in Gig Harbor for years, so making this a high priority for our business is the next step in our growth in the Puget Sound area. Within the last year, we have found our technicians in Bremerton, Port Orchard and Poulsbo at least twice a week; and in Gig Harbor several times per day throughout the week.

Our plan is to have a satellite office in Gig Harbor to accommodate our continuous gutter customers. We will still be based in the Tacoma area as our main office. With this new location in Gig Harbor, we will help facilitate faster estimates and allow us to base some of our fleet of trucks and equipment on the Gig Harbor side of the Narrows Bridge.

What makes this all possible is that one of our hard-working estimators lives in Olalla, just west of Gig Harbor. CR Gutters continues to give you the best in service, starting with free estimates. We always offer 5” Kline, 6” Kline, Wide Bottom Facia, Half Round, along with our newest product, box gutters.

CR Gutters, Inc. provides quality seamless gutters at competitive prices, with several styles and over 25 colors.