CR Gutters, Inc

6″ Box style gutter by CR Gutters, Inc.

CR Gutters Inc., is proud to now carry 6” box style gutter.

CR Gutters Inc., has a new style of gutter that nobody else from the areas of Gig Harbor, Tacoma, Olympia or Seattle has.

This gutter has a more contemporary look for customers looking for a less traditional seamless gutter style. This seamless gutter uses a 15” coil and runs continuous Aluminum gutter beautifully.

Due to the fact it has a smooth face and less re-enforcement on the face of the gutter, CR Gutters chooses to run 032 Aluminum through our 6” box gutter as we have also done on our wide bottom continuous fascia style gutter, instead of the standard 027 Aluminum material used for gutters in the industry.  This helps with re-enforcement and stability in the entire gutter system.

This new style of gutter is perfect for roof systems that use materials that allows water flow to move more quickly than common materials that provide friction such as composite and tile.

The 6″ box gutter allows a larger volume of water to flow away from the roof line then a standard sized gutter system.  The added benefit is that the 6″ box gutter also helps distribute larger debris per area.  Another benefit to using a large gutter such as the 6″ box is to handle water flow from a roof that is high and steeply-pitched. A steeply pitched roof is used either for aesthetic or in areas with high volume of snow accumulation.

Although, CR Gutters. always encourages installing a gutter guard solution to help with debris, this added volume from the 6″ box gutter will help debris flow away from the roof line.

As always, CR Gutters, Inc. doesn’t shy away from color; we have a variety of colors to choose to style your new 6″ box gutter system to match your properties color scheme.