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Why use aluminum gutters versus steel?

Why use aluminum gutters versus steel?

Continuous aluminum gutters are less expensive to install than steel gutters. Steel gutters used to be the only seamless installation until continuous aluminum became the industry standard.

Continuous aluminum gutters are a lighter-weight material than steel and are pressed into shape as one continuous gutter assembly on site. A seamless gutter can last longer than one with joints and seams. Because of the popularity of continuous aluminum gutters over steel, there are far more styles and colors.

Gutters are an integral part of your home’s exterior. Installed and used properly, they direct and channel water away from the roof and properties edge, preventing leaks and damage to the roof-line and protective materials.

Aluminum versus steel and rust:

Both Aluminum and steel gutters resist rust so long as steel is not scuffed or scratched. This is due to the fact that steel is coated in a thin layer of zinc; a protection against rusting. This zinc protection can be scratched, and in some cases scratches can be hard to see. Overtime, steel can be compromised with rust attacking the metal where the zinc had been compromised.

The issue is: a tree branch or rock debris that is pushed through the gutter channel of the gutter system or even the simple act of cleaning your gutters can lead to the scratches that breaks down this zinc protection with steel gutters.

Aluminum versus steel and location:

In the Pacific Northwest, aluminum gutters are preferred over steel for several reasons. Steel gutters will in fact rust more rapidly if you are near salt water. Aluminum gutters should not be installed in high thermal climates, or on roof systems that are treated for algae-resistant or use copper flashing as these treatments can be corrosive to aluminum.

Aluminum gutters are usually the better choice for most customers because of easy maintenance, costs and longevity over steel gutters.

CR Gutters, Inc. prefers Continuous Aluminium Gutters.